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Cryptocurrency’s boom is just beginning — Bitcoin could go above $100,000 next year (currently valued at $19,000)

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“How do you protect your purchasing power? With code.” — Tim Denning

Bitcoin is going to change the world — and if you take a second to learn about it, you’ll understand why. After an abysmal 2018 to 2019 stretch, Bitcoin is nearing an all-time high. The price is up 166% this year and big-name investors don’t think it’s going to stop.

Why is Bitcoin rallying right now? Because more people are starting to accept, and trust it as a currency.

Fintech companies PayPal and Square started letting their combined 350 million+ customers use cryptocurrency. …

Democracy dies when we avoid tough conversations

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“All we have between us and the total breakdown of civilization is a series of successful conversations. If we can’t reason with each other, there is no path forward but violence.” — Sam Harris

Sam Harris’s podcast: “#207: Can We Pull Back From The Brink?” challenges the listener unlike any other show I’ve ever heard. In this salient episode, the American author, philosopher, and neuroscientist disseminated the facts on police brutality.

Instead of laying out subjective conclusions or arguments to solve police brutality, Harris asked well-informed, contentious questions.

“On the most important topics, there now seems to be fury, sanctimony, and bad faith,” said Harris. …

The trick journalists use to fight writer’s block

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I was on a deadline. My editor said to have a breaking story by 6 p.m.

It was 5 p.m.

“I don’t care what you have by then — but you better turn something in,” she told me.

Journalists don’t believe in writer’s block. I didn’t have time to consult the muse for inspiration. I had to tie the muse down and strangle him until he gave me what I wanted.

When 6 p.m. came I didn’t turn in a Pulitzer Prize winner, but I had something. It was solid. Writer’s block didn’t win, because I couldn’t let it win.

Writer’s block is another poor excuse at the end of the day. Journalists don’t have the luxury of using it. …

3 big mistakes that Medium writers make

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Assume no one cares about you.

No one cares what you’re writing about, about what you have to say, about what you care about. If you write from the premise that nobody cares, it’ll be clear that your question is, “how do I make them care?”

Your readers — unless they’re your mom and grandma — don’t care about the esoteric personal details of your life. Save that for your diary.

Does that make them horrible people for not caring?

No! They don’t know you. You’re a total stranger to them. Your mission is to make these strangers from across the world relate to what you’re saying. …

Chase these stats instead

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100k+ followers will make you happy.

5k+ claps is definitely cause to celebrate.

But don’t let these metrics consume you — they’re 99% pointless. I learned this lesson the painful way.

Now that a few of my stories blew up, I thought I had it made. After months of rejections and sparse view counts, I had finally cracked through Medium, so it seemed.


My newfound popularity just proved two things:

  1. I wrote a few good stories
  2. I’m still a stranger to most, if not all of my followers

Connect With Your Followers

When I first read Kevin Kelly’s “1000 True Fans” snippet I thought he was just restating the obvious. Kelly says a true fan will buy anything you produce; they will buy the hardback and paperback and audible versions of your book; they’ll drive 200 miles to see you sing, and so on and so forth. …

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Dear friends,

Thank you for supporting Yard Couch, I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart.

We started this publication because my friends and I believe in helping others, whether that be financial, health, or pragmatic life advice. We don’t want to be just any publication, we want to build a community.

To make good on that promise we started our own Facebook group for you to share your articles and grow as writers. I’ll explain more over there on Facebook.

This is only the start of our commitment to bring amazing talented writers like yourself together.

We’ll update you weekly through this newsletter of our best stories featured on Yard Couch and what updates we’re working on. …

This is how YouTubers and social media stars grow big

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The best part about writing for USA Today Network is the ability to work with other writers.

You add a paragraph here, they add a sentence there, and in the end, you write something beautiful. Often it’s better than anything you could have managed on your own.

It’s like Scottie Pippen throwing up an alley-oop for Michael Jordan. That’s how I feel when another writer pulls a great quote or improves my work with a saucy adjective.

It’s two people working in a flow state. It’s awesome.

Writing is a Social Activity

Writing is not an isolated event. You, the reader, are here with me right now. …

Fat burning is easier with intermittent fasting

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There’s no better person at explaining fasting than Dr. Jason Fung. Fung has created a model for food and fat storage where our body chooses to put away calories in our fridge or our freezer — he calls it the “Two Compartment Model.”

It explains that when we eat our body can store energy in our glycogen (fridge) for immediate energy. Or the body can store energy as fat (in the freezer) through a process called de novo lipogenesis (creating new fat).

Reducing your calories makes your body store more since it thinks it is starving. Essentially, your body thinks you’re crazy. It doesn’t want you to lose weight. …

These assets are so smart it‘s stupid

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The stock market once scared me. I downloaded Robinhood several times and deleted it before putting a single dollar in. I’d turn it on, get frustrated, and leave. It was like my Tinder account pretty much.

Then I realized something about the basics of trading stocks. It’s literally just putting your money into companies you trust.

That’s the secret.

Do you trust yourself enough to invest in the places you like? Are you going to put your money where your mouth is?

Some of the smart investments I made:

  • Etsy: I love shopping here, so I invested in the online service just in time for Christmas. …

Burr doesn’t virtue signal on his social media, and he speaks his mind the way he sees fit

We Need More People Like Bill Burr in The World
We Need More People Like Bill Burr in The World

Bill Burr is a funny guy.

His stand-up specials layout everything’s that’s screwed up in the world, all in a spectacular, albeit dry hour of comedy that only he could pull off.

Burr consistently flattens late-night hosts with jokes that make woke audiences cringe. He also has a great podcast that feels like a breath of fresh air in an entertainment world that tries to emulate the success of Joe Rogan.

Bill Burr is unique in every sense of the word, but he’s also intensely baffling.

He makes too much sense

Comedians like Burr baffle me because they make too much sense. Burr says how things used to be; how kids used to get smacked upside the head when they cursed at their parents or how everyone wasn’t so easily offended and we all laugh because… well, he’s right. …

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