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Blockchain Enthusiast, Former USA Today Journalist, and diehard Trekkie 🖖🏾| Catch me on my publication Yard Couch.

Let me drop a 50 bomb on this one

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Likes are meaningless.
Subscribers are yesterday’s news.

Claps are everything.

The difference between 49 and 50 claps is massive. When someone gives me 49 claps I think they hate me. This person — if you can call them that — went out of their way just to stop at the full 50. You know who you are. I can’t sleep at night because of you.

This is why I think we should start a petition to run claps like a Patreon account. You know, something like this:

👉10 claps = You’re on your way. But it’s not good enough. …

This is how much ADA you need


May 13, 2021 was the most important day in Cardano’s history.

Cardano (ADA) bucked the trend. It broke all-time highs — getting that $2 monkey off its back — and was the sole top-ten cryptocurrency rising in value during a historic sell-off.

They even danced on the graves of their victors and asked Tesla to partner with them following Elon Musk’s public diss against Bitcoin.

Cardano and its creator Charles Hoskinson have balls. You need them to survive in this cut-throat crypto market.

Today Cardano is the fourth most valuable token in the world. And after yesterday’s achievement, I’m…

From mortal enemies to total besties forever

My favorite podcast right now, without question, is the History of Philosophy: Without Any Gaps. In it, the host Peter Adamson painstakingly archives the entire lifespan of philosophical ideas; from Heraclitus to Aristotle and onto lesser-known figures like Diogenes the Cynic and Al-Ghazālī, one of the most prominent Islamic philosophers.

Adamson’s attention to detail inspired me to take a deeper look into one of my most beloved subjects, U.S. history, and find out what I had missed. Besides finding out that the Capital building was built by slaves (yeah, mind blown), I quickly found myself questioning one of the earliest…

Crypto Summer Pt. 2

Nordstrom, GameStop, and Ulta already support it


I work with a crypto wizard.

Yesterday the wizard gave me a piece of advice: “Hey man, your fly is down.” After that, he told me to look into Amp, otherwise known as Crypto-Square.

Amp is the brainchild of Flexa and ConsenSys and aims to make real-world crypto transactions instant and verifiable.

Through this ERC-20 token, retailers can accept Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum without having to wait 10 minutes or more for the network. Today Nordstrom, Lowes, Baskin Robbins, GameStop, Ulta Beauty, Office Depot, AMC Theaters, and Petco are just some of the stores that support Amp.

That’s right, you…

Crypto Summer Pt. 1

Proof of History, Scalability and Ludicrous Speed — Oh my!

Earlier this week I began a new job as a lead writer for a cryptocurrency startup. There’s one guy on the project who’s insanely smart and I’m half convinced is a wizard.

He knows altcoins like the back of his hand and speaks in technical analysis like it's a second language. Whenever he talks I can feel the cogs in my brain grinding to a halt.

Thankfully, the wizard is altruistic and has pointed me to a few projects worth examining under the microscope.

The first I’d like to start with is Solana.

The Ethereum Killer 🔪

Solana is a… it’s a, *yawn,* “Ethereum…

You might be the next victim

The shadow banking system

During one sleepless coffee-fueled night I stumbled across a financial term that made me feel uncomfortable: “The Shadow Banking System.”

Immediately I thought of Alex Jones-fueled conspiracies and/or a rabbit hole I wasn’t fully prepared for. What I found was much worse.

The shadow banking system wasn’t some back-alley secret society that wore matching fez hats. No, they were hiding in plain sight. The shadow banking system was ubiquitous and I didn’t even know it.

Shadow banking includes non-bank mortgage lenders like Quicken Loans, pension funds, hedge funds, ETFs, fintech companies like PayPal, insurance companies and anything that isn’t a…

When ignorance destroys culture, monsters will emerge

Juliette Forga

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

Imagine that you are afraid. You have reason to be.

You are afraid of other people. You are afraid of the world and its complexity. You are afraid of yourself and the potential that resides inside you. You are nostalgic for the innocence of the past; for the time before you learned the terrible things that shattered the trust characterizing your childhood.

However, with careful searching, with careful introspection and action, you might tip the balance towards opportunity and map out a life worth living despite your uncertainties and fear.

This is one of Jordan Peterson’s rules from Beyond Order…

All thriller, no filler

Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

One year ago I started writing on Medium. I had just quit the Army, became a DoorDash driver, and wrote about my experiences as an amateur Black magician.

It was a life.

Never did I think, however, that I’d be here writing a story such as this. Life’s weird.

But enough with the sappy bullshit. You clicked on this story thinking, ‘oh boy, another one of these articles. Fuck it I’ll click anyway.’

So I want to give you all thriller and no filler on the most important lessons I’ve learned for succeeding on Medium. No gimmicks. No $500 writing…

Long-term play of the year

Photo by Randy Lu on Unsplash

Earlier this year, I made the best decision of my financial career. I sold all my stocks.

I didn’t trust Janet Yellen, nor Jerome Powell and ran away from the market screaming. All of my funds went into my savings account or into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Only one stock remained in my portfolio: BlackBerry (BB).

I had done some research during the GameStop/Reddit fiasco into BB and found some shocking tidbits of info.

  • BlackBerry was now a cybersecurity company
  • They had just landed a partnership with Amazon
  • They launched an operating system called QNX which is running in…

Confessions of a dying man


Last year I found myself drowning in a lake in Western Pennsylvania.

All in all, I’m not the best swimmer. But I didn’t let that stop me from swimming a mile to reach these immense, coastal cliffs on the other side of the reservoir.

You’re only young and stupid once.

After doing a few cannonballs off the cliffs I was ready to head back. I sized up the long, arduous swim back and decided to give it a go.

About halfway into the journey, I began to drown.

“Help,” I screamed to my friend across the water.

My friend thought…

Isaiah McCall

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