Jordan Peterson and the Tragic Story of the Man-Child

What women despise in men

Isaiah McCall
6 min readMay 6, 2021



Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson made a recommendation for the best documentary he’s ever watched. This was the documentary “Crumb.”

I don’t know if it’s the best — but it’s certainly the most unforgettable.

It tells the story of a successful cartoonist named Robert Crumb, who escaped his mother’s obsessive oedipal control that consumes both his brothers' lives.

Crumb’s brother Charles lives at home obsessing over his high school yearbook, masturbating four to five times a week, and admits to his brother that he can’t get an erection anymore.

Charles killed himself shortly after the documentary was filmed. The final cut reveals that bit of information for the audience at the end. It’s horrifying.

Crumb” came out in 1995, but its message has multiplied. Men are children, and it’s killing us.

Today’s men can barely ask out a girl let alone work at a competent enough job to move out of their parent’s basement. I’d be remiss, however, not to point out that the oppressive arm of neo-feminism and post-modernism certainly doesn’t help.

Regardless, Peterson took me down this road, and now I wanted to see what women on internet forums like Reddit, Quora and YouTube had to say about man-children. Here are some things to avoid, men —

Strings attached to everything and unwritten contracts

I have a friend like this. He’s a man-child.

He’ll make arrangements with you in his head and never disclose this information out loud. Once you’re in his web of deceit he’ll hold you accountable to these unfair imaginary standards.

Contrary to what Marx argues in the Communist Manifesto, everything isn’t about power. Life is about reciprocity. You don’t always have to be selfish and create social contracts that benefit you and you alone.



Isaiah McCall