This article was a chance to look at the other side of the conversation; which I think you missed.

We shape our conversations based on our own subjective and often flawed perceptions. The facts presented by Sam Harris are widely unknown to the general public because media, vidilecit social media only shows one side of this discussion.

The more that people are exposed to all aspects of this issue, the better a chance we have at solving the problem.

As you brought up, the ethos of this entire article is systemic racism versus personal responsibility of black people. That point, however, was explored many times throughout the piece. And it isn’t a “basic question” as you put it. It’s an issue that needs to be torn apart from every angle.

Also I was troubled by your use of quotations around the word facts.

I hope you understand that I wanted to explore a side of this salient issue that I rarely see covered.

Have an awesome day!

-Isaiah McCall

Written by

USA Today Reporter and Ultramarathoner. I write about Cryptocurrency, Fitness Hacks, and Greek Philosophy. Also a diehard Trekkie 🖖🏾|

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